Global smog

Despite slow improvement, air pollution in some areas of the world still significantly exceeds WHO standards. The worst situation within the EU region is considered to be in Bulgaria and Poland but problem also exists in other countries like for example Czech Republic and Italy. Smog of different types and caused by various reasons is present in many parts of the world and the atmospheric pollutant levels are recognizable issue in numerous metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, Beijing, Delhi, Lahore, Mexico City or Manila.

Smog can cause severe sickness, allergies, irritates airways and eye’s conjunctiva, may impact the life span or result with premature death.

Road transport and industrial fumes play very important role in the process of smog formation and development (so called photochemical smog).

This type of pollutants react in the atmosphere with sunlight and create poisonous substances that have huge irritating potential.

More and more people decide to protect themselves against smog.

Unfortunately, using protective and filter masks will not shield your eyes from the harmful effects of smog and the cornea and conjunctiva of the eye are extremely exposed to external factors.


Many people do not realize that their eye problems may be caused by smog. Burning, itching, eye’s redness, excessive drying, tearing or allergic reactions are just some of the symptoms.

It is a comprehensive response to the eye problems related to smog.

Drops wash away harmful dust from the surface of the eye and positively affect the restoration of normal pH (contact with acid smog may cause eye stinging).

You will find more information about the product, precautions, composition and usage in the leaflet.

  • soothe irritations

  • refreshing effect

  • reduce tearing

  • lessen burning

for patient

Ingredients of our drops protect the eye surface from external factors

Can be applied several times a day giving 1-2 drops to each eye

• in case of eye irritation
• Preventive: after prolonged exposure to smog eg. after a walk

Drops can also be used in case of exposure to other harmful factors such as wind, dry air, smoke, dust, salty water or long term work at the computer.

about us

We are pharmacists and every day we meet people who have more and more problems with eyes and eyesight.

When we talk about smog, we often forget about its harmful effects on the eyes, which is why we wanted to bring this problem to the attention of patients.

In our product we focus on quality and highest production’s standards.


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